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The Official Arapahoe High School Community

Home of the Warriors

Arapahoe High School
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Welcome to AHS... Where "F is for Fantastic"...

...and this is the next 4 years of life?

Arapahoe High School, Home of the Warriors

Some of us call it home. Some of us call it the other four-letter h-word - hell.

Whatever you call it, you're pretty much stuck here for four years of your life. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Feel free to post pretty much whatever. The rules are pretty loose...
The following will not be tolerated:
  1. Threats against others: violent, specific, or otherwise

  2. Derogatory comments (cursing is allowed but discouraged)

  3. Racism, Homophobia, or "classism"

  4. Explicit or pornographic language and pictures or links to sites promoting inappropriate content

  5. Advertisements

  6. Cheating - or as we know it, academic dishonesty

(The community moderator(s)/maintainer(s) has/have the right to remove posts that they see meets these criteria. This list is not absolute.)

  • Please introduce yourself when you join - name, age, year, activities, etc.

  • Pictures greater in size than 600x400 pixels or 80 kb should be behind a lj-cut.

  • Posts greater than 1000 words in length should be behind a lj-cut.

  • Anonymous posts will most likely be deleted, so keep that in mind.

  • Try to keep an open mind and respect everyone. I know Arapahoe is extremely lacking in diversity, but we should at least try to appreciate differences in opinion.

  • Alumni are welcome.

School colors: black and gold
Mascot: the Warrior
Approximate number of students: 2,200

Arapahoe High School is the only high school in the nation that has a unique relationship with the Native American tribe it's named after. The Arapaho Nation has given us and endorsed our mascot. Every year, tribal elders come down for the graduation of the senior class and every other year, the entire school participates in an important renewal ceremony with the tribe.

Disclaimer: This is a student run blog and does not represent and is not endorsed by Arapahoe High School and the Littleton Public School District.
Sounds a bit like the announcements, doesn't it?